Osama’s hiding place 100 yards from PMA Kakul: CBS News

Posted on May 2, 2011 | 9 comments

ISLAMABAD – Osama bin Laden was holed up in a sprawling house just 100 yards from a Pakistani military academy when helicopters carrying U.S. anti-terror forces swooped in the early morning hours of Monday and killed him. Flames rose Monday from the building that was the apparent target of the raid as it was confirmed that the world’s most wanted fugitive died not in a cave, but in a town best known as a garrison for the Pakistani military. A U.S. official tells CBS News that one of bin Laden’s sons was also killed in the raid along with at least two others, but the official did not name the son or the others killed.

The operation “doesn’t bode well for our friends” the Pakistanis, one U.S. official tells CBS News national security correspondent David Martin. The official, who spoke on condition they not be named, said it would be hard for the Pakistani government to explain how such a high-profile figure could have been living in such a high-profile residence “without their knowing”.

U.S. officials tell CBS that cooperation from the Pakistanis “assisted in this lead as we pursued it,” but the U.S. shared no specific intelligence on the compound prior to the raid.

“We are very concerned that he was inside of Pakistan but this is something that we will work with Pakistan government about,” one official tells CBS.

Pakistani officials and a witness said bin Laden’s guards opened fire from the roof of the building, and one of the choppers crashed. The sound of at least two explosions rocked the small northwestern town of Abbottabad where the al Qaeda chief made his last stand. The U.S. said no Americans were harmed in the raid.

Abbottabad is home to at least one regiment of the Pakistani army, is dotted with military buildings and home to thousands of army personnel. Surrounded by hills and with mountains in the distance, it is less than half a days drive from the border region with Afghanistan, where most intelligence assessments believed bin Laden was holed up.

The news he was killed in an army town in Pakistan will raise more pointed questions of how he managed to evade capture and whether Pakistan’s military and intelligence leadership knew of his whereabouts and sheltered him. Critics have long accused elements of Pakistan’s security establishment of protecting bin Laden, though Islamabad has always denied this.

Abbotabad resident Mohammad Haroon Rasheed said the raid happened about 1:15 a.m. local time.

“I heard a thundering sound, followed by heavy firing. Then firing suddenly stopped. Then more thundering, then a big blast,” he said. “In the morning when we went out to see what happened, some helicopter wreckage was lying in an open field.”

He said the house was 100 yards away from the gate of the academy.

A Pakistani official in the town said fighters on the roof opened fire on the choppers as they came close to the building with rocket propelled grenades. Another official said four helicopters took off from the Ghazi air base in northwest Pakistan.  Last summer, the U.S. army was based in Ghazi to help out in the aftermath of the floods.  Women and children were taken into custody during the raid, he said.  Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information.

Source: (CBS News/AP)

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Posted by: Farrukh Siddiqui

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  1. The reports say: Osama was shot in the head: Why didn’t they get him alive?

    Why have they not released video of his body and face? Why he was buried in SEA in a a rush unlike the way Saddam Husein was shown off to the whole world? If Pakistani intelligence was hiding him, Americans are a bunch of idiots who have been giving billions to Pakistan including F16s!

    If Al Qaeda is an ideology and consists of independent cells all over the world, what purpose does it serve to have hundreds of thousands of troops in Afghnaistan? Anyone would enlighten me on this?

    If this is realy true, then one more point, a human – on the ground – intelligence operation got him, not a drone attack!

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  2. They say they first took the body to Bagram airbase in Afghanistan. The nearest sea is Persian Gulf or Arabia Sea… they would have had to fly over Pakistan again…..

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  3. The first three responses are total gibberish besides being uninformed “Tuesday morning quarterbacking”. Congratulations to all involved in this operation!

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  4. Clearly the American’s do not trust Pakistanis. This is a love hate relationship where neither side trust the other. I am no supporter of OBL but clearly Pakistan’s air space was violated while the radar (provided by US) systems must have been jammed by the on going operation. For over an hour the Generals kept sleeping. Question is why the Americans who give so much aid did not take anyone in confidence in the Pakistan govt? What kind of Generals the Kakul academy produces? What good are these expensive toys if we cannot defend Pakistan’s territorial integrity? This gives a clear indication to the Indians to come & invade to take out the nuclear facility. It can be done in an hour. All our generals want is to amass more plots of real estate & so long as the real estate prices go up the country’s airspace can be violated. We surely live in Alice in Wonderland !

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  5. If UBL is in fact, still alive, as some believe, why doesn’t he make an appearance? Our special forces are the best in the world and they deserve all the accolades due them. Had I been his capturer I would have placed an incendiary grenade in a particular orifice saving the need for transport to any ocean burial.

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  6. The location for the Osama bin Laden assassination was staged in the PMA Kakul backyard for its close proximity to provide a coverup operation. This drama in Abbottabad was staged to justify US withdrawal from Afghanistan. It would have been very embarrassing for USA to leave Afghanistan without showing the world that it had completed its mission of getting Osama. A complete fabrication that reminds me of WMD in Iraq.

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  7. The CNN says:

    “Within 24 hours of Osama bin Laden’s death in a U.S. assault on his compound in Pakistan, administration and government officials — both cloaked in anonymity and on the record — provided misleading if not erroneous information about what happened in the al Qaeda leader’s final moments.”

    whole story on CNN website:

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